Stored air pressure before match?

Can we have stored air pressure before match if we have a compressor attached?

I see we can have stored air if no compressor, but it doesn’t seem to explicitly say we can have stored air pressure in the tanks before the match if we DO have a compressor attached to the bot.

-Eric Carlson Bog Bots 6453

Yes, you can have stored air pressure.


According to R80:

Stored air pressure on the ROBOT must be no greater than 120 pis (~827 kPa). No stored air pressure intended for the ROBOT may be located off-board the ROBOT.


Also remember to plan to have a compressor on the robot if you are using pneumatics.

This has always been allowed. We did it last year to make sure our hatch mechanism (all pneumatic) was ready to go at the beginning of the match. In general, that meant that we didn’t release pressure from the system at the end of the previous match, though on occasion it meant we had to enable the robot in the pit (for the first match of the day, for instance) to build up the tank pressure.