Storm Scouting Radar 2020

Storm Robotics has released their Scouting Apps for the 2020 season! With new features like the Defense Timer as well as a Robot Scoring Map, you can be the most informed on the field during Alliance Selection. Check it out! Links to our Github Repositories are included as well.

Play Store Links:

Repositories Links:


Does the master app support Android 10? Whenever I try to use the “lookup” feature the app crashes.

Developer here, it should support Android 10. Could you be more specific about the crash? Does it crash immediately or once you take an action? Also, which version of the app are you using? Some bugs were fixed in an update recently.

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The app crashes immediately once pressing the lookup feature. Tried on a few team members devices and the same result each time. We are all using the lastest version to be uploaded to the play store. Should we try the GitHub version instead?

Man, just what i’ve been looking for! I have looked into generating QR codes for scouting due to the limited availability to internet at events. I’d love to connect with your developer and scouting lead as far as how these are generated and scanned.

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We were able to replicate the issue. I’m looking into possible causes. Once we fix it, we’ll make an update. If you need it urgently, you could try building the dev branch of our github repo, but I’ll have a proper fix out ASAP.


Would you be open to adding a timer for cycling? (1 cycle is time b/w loading and unloading cells) Time each cycle and take the average?

Any update on the bug in the lookup feature?

What devices are you presently using that are running the apps wthout any issues?

Our current system for approximate cycle measurement is to take the 135 seconds of teleop, subtract the amount of seconds of defense played, and then divide by the number of power cells scored. We find this calculation to be the most useful for measuring how quickly and how much a robot can score.

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@stenniswood @kurtfled @Jake123NTG I think the lookup bug has been fixed. An update will go out very soon (v1.4.1). If the issue still persists, please let us know.

The master doesnt crash but now the radar app crashes when trying to generate qr code or pressing submit or clearing data…could you release a turtorial video? Also keep getting unsuccessful qr scans…

Are you guys adding an ability to view a scouted teams averages overall? We have a week 2 competition and would LOVE to use your app for it, but so far I can’t figure out how to view the averages…

The crashes when interacting with the database probably mean the migration to the new version of the database (with the added climb time feature) failed. We will look into the issue, but a quick fix would be to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Though we have had averages as a feature in previous years, it didn’t make it to the Master app this year. I recommend dumping the database to a csv file and importing it into Excel or an analysis platform like Tableau for further calculations.

Oh, okay. Thank you for explaining!

Beautiful, after reinstalling works great!

My team have issues with a LG X. We can’t see the climber timer start feature. Otherwise it’s a great scouting.
Good Job!

I just uninstalled and reinstalled on our tablets and now the app crashes anytime you do anything.

We also notice that if you do get to scan it says the scan was unsuccessful. We are going to try uninstalling and reinstalling again.