How do I make it, how do I take pictures?

search next time, please, there is a thread about storyboards about 4 or 5 topics down

the storyboard is a plan for your animation. basically it’s a bunch of pictures that show how your animation is going to be like. In team 116’s case, it looks like a comic strip that has words on it explining what is happening in each panel. others could just be words. others just pictures. But the point is that it is done before your animation, and you use it like a blueprint or something.

how do I take pictures?

I guess i don’t get your question here. what pictures would you be taking?

story board can be hand drawn on index cards, even stick figures are OK. But I don’t know how the layout should be if you mail a hard copy to the company. Also can anyone tell me how many cards are needed? And do they have to be on a poster board. Or can I submit an envelope full of index cards with numbers on them?

Actually, I believe he may be asking about the Google camera, Picasa, and the little photo journal thing.

And I have no clue beyond that, sorry. Not working on that. :slight_smile:

I custom-made storyboards with six panels and space for text on each 8.5" X 11" paper. Then my team scans the storyboard pages, edits the panels with Photoshop (typing up the captions), and sends an electronic copy via Streamline (there’s a folder there for the storyboards).

Yeah, it doesn’t matter how good you are at art… As long as the judges can look at it and see something beyond ubiquitous blobs on your storyboard. I’d recommend drawing enough panels to have a coherent flow of the animation but no more than 20.

End result from last year:

ok, thanks all for your help.

also, check out this link for a great way to set up a storyboard: .

and try this template(pdf):

hope this helps anyone who is still confused about creating a storyboard. Interested in seeing final animations.