Strange C++ Update Error

We are having issues with the new C++ Updates. The issue is only present while we are connected to the robot over Wi-Fi. The issue is about every 5 seconds or so a momentary dropout occurs(Robot Code Flashes Red for an instant on DS). We believe it is in the library because we recompiled our old code which did not have the issue with the new libraries and the error occured. We have been able to replicate this error on 3 different cRio(one of them being an 8-slot), both versions of the Router(Revision A and B), and also changed out all the Ethernet cables to make sure they were not causing it.

Quick Notes About Our Setup:
No Dashboard Used(Configured to Remote Dashboard in DS)
No Network Tables Calls in Code
Routers Configured Using FRC Bridge Utility to be 2.4GHz
CANJaguars controlled by 2CAN 2.0(All latest firmware IFI Jags)

Any other teams have this issues?

We were having this exact issue during the build season. We traced it back to the Rev A router. Once we switched to the Rev B router, we didn’t see it again.
Double check that it does happen on the Rev B router.

It was happening on both versions because I remember that the Revision B router would experience dropouts around every 5 seconds for half a second while the Revision A would dropout for about 30 seconds.

Also I would like to note that is when we first turned on the robot everything was fine. Then after about five minutes of testing(no changes) the error started happening.

What mode are you in? Bridge or AP?

The Switch on the Radio is in the AP 2.4GHz position.

We run in bridge mode. Might be worth setting up another router and trying it in bridge mode. That is how you will run at the competition.

Do you get any output on NetConsole when the dropouts occur?

The code does not know, nor does it care, whether you are using a tethered or a wireless connection. Your 30-second dropout suggests an issue with the power to the router. I’ve watched a Rev B router survive very brief interruptions in power – the blue lights flicker out for a moment then come back on, and on a tethered connection nothing seems to go wrong, but the team was definitely losing connectivity at times on the field.

Thanks Jefferson, we switched into bridge mode with another router and the issue got resolved.

Alan we do not believe the the issue is with power. We watched the lights on both routers and on the Revision A when the dropout occurred, the only thing we saw from the router is the cRIO Ethernet light go out momentary. Also the issue was consistent across two different robots, multiple power supplies, and cRIOs.