strange error

Ok, im not sure if this is a runtime error or what, but its just confused the heck out of me. Here we go… I took the default nevigation code and adapted ti to run off of 6 IR sensors instead of 4 (along with some other slight modifications). Anyways, whenever i load it, it loads fine, with out any sort of RAM dump, and i restart ir, but i get the wierdest thing. The program led flashes back and forth from yellow to green and back. Very strange. So i then tried loading Kevin’s IR code, and i get the Red LED of death (read: Program error). Thats right, the code crashes with some sort of fatal runtime error. Basically, im stumped and could anyone help me in any way? It would be much appriciated.

Maybe next year or engineers won’t take all @#%^ing 6 weeks to build and leave me with less than a day to program… grr…

Does the RC continue to be inoperable after you’ve downloaded the default FRC .hex file?

Have you run through the RC reset/reboot sequence? (reset & prog held down, release reset, then release prog)

If i load the default or my code without autonomous, it runs just peachy. And i have done the reboot/reset sequence.