Strange Rev Robotics Gremlin?

Last night during drivers practice everything seemed to go very very well. THEN for some reason one of the swerve modules on our drive train decided to speed up 2 times the speed. Just one of the modules. We looked at every aspect of the robot including wiring, modules, sensors and ect. When we looked into the spark max dashboard everything seemed fine. We noticed some debris in the belly pan so we flipped the robot on its side and used some compressed error to blow anything out. After doing so the crazy sped up single module returned to normal. So that was interesting. Another interesting issue is that we decided to change and test the coast module on our drive motors using the spark max software. We changed just the motor controllers dealing with each of the drive motors and saved the coast setting once done. We go to test the robot and the robot was still in brake mode on the drive motors. We go back and plug the usb c cable in to check settings and the drive motors were back in Brake mode. So something is afoot. Anyone else seen this type of behavior? I was going to call Rev today and talk to them about this but wanted to post here and see if anyone else has seen this? In the video here please pay attention to the swerve wheel on the bottom and to the left, that is the wheel that was acting weird.


To make your SPARK MAX changes save between power cycles, you’ll need to click on “Burn Flash” button on the bottom of the page.

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We click the save button after each motor controller change one by one. Even after saving in this fashion and then enabling the robot to test and find out that the setting didnt stick we go back to the dashboard and the Brake toggle is enabled.

Are you using any libraries?
I know the SDS code for Falcons automatically sets the motors to brake mode when creating the modules (which would override the onboard settings). This requires a bit of software workaround to fix.


The save button does not save the settings to the controller. You need to use the burn flash button.

We click the yellow button on the bottom left which is the “Burn Flash” button. Please see my screenshot provided.

Thank you Aree! We will look at that, we are using an all REV setup.

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Spark max controllers have a button on top of the controller that can be pressed with a paper clip. Pressing it switches between coast and brake modes. The color will change from a blue for brake to a more purple or Magenta for coast. It will also keep the last setting set to the controller this way. I have had issues with settings being saved (flash burned) before with the spark max client and find this was much more reliable.

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