Strange Rules

I was just rather curious (to delve away from building for a minute) as to what your strangest rule for the build season is? Ours would have to be the " Do not throw people." rule… I am almost ashamed (not really) to say that I was the person who sparked that rule’s existence.

On 1293, rule number one is, and will continue to be, Do not die.

(It goes back to a running joke with a physics teacher at Irmo High School, whose first class rule is the same. Die in his class, and you get a warning. Die twice, and it’s half an hour after school.)

Well I think that many teams have the following,
“Do not bleed on the electronics”

these are not exactly strange,

  1. do not juggle victors
  2. the robot controller is not a frisbee
  3. the robot is not street legal
  4. dont drop the battery on your foot
  5. screw the transmission together BEFORE you turn the motors on (trust me on this one)
  6. sleep is a poor substitute for caffene (not really a rule)

A rule we’ve implemented since the 2005 IRI: Don’t hit Andy Baker in the head with a game piece. Even though he’s got amazing cat-like reflexes (and a hard hat).

we at 617 have a DO NOT GIVE CHAD SUGAR rule. first of all, Chad doesn’t even need a sugar high. He is always on one. Second of all, Chad has no common sense.

although, there is an exception. if Chad is going to have Mr Wagner for two peroids in a row, Chad gets all of the sugar we can find. Because 1, Wagner doesn’t like Chad as normal, 2 Wagner really hates it when Chad gets on a sugar high squared, and 3 we like to make Wagner miserable even though we like him.

If it’s not spurt’in, it’s just a flesh wound.

there is a rule in mechanics “a job is never done until you make a blood offering” (cut yourself and bleed on the machinery)

your rule is counter to this - smearing your blood on your machine is traditional (though not very hygenic) - you might reconsider!

A rule we had on our electrical team: when you crimp on a connector, if you don’t make the pirate noise (arrrrrggggggh!) it will fall off (sooner or later).

I would ask that continue discussion be in a chit-chat forum thread. Please keep the Rules/Strategy Forum for FIRST robotics or other forms of FIRST rules or strategy.

Thank You

No shiny objects near the engineers

a rule we have is “do not throw stuff into the fans”…we’ve made a hobby of throwing everything that we can pick up into the fans in our animation lab

Don’t fall asleep first.

Don’t use the crimps to crimp wires. There are better tools. Namely, a sledgehammer and chisel on a hard surface.

not the strangest rule, just strange wording

“Upon spontaneous bloodshed, consult an adult immediately.”

Not trying to drag this OT, but this subforum’s purpose is:

I do believe that a team’s own rules at a competition can be considered ‘competition rules,’ so this thread is still good in this subforum.

Yeah if we could only get our old driver to learn which sticks do what…

Good thing andy moved or we would have had a bad newspaper headline


it would have been bad…very bad

Strange rules for us?

  1. Don’t let Liz get zipties. Ever.
  2. No putting glowing green stickers on people’s backs (new rule this year)
  3. No hiding/playing in the giant tetra
  4. No drilling people in the head
  5. No opening the fridge in the Lego Room… the food is all rotten… and vomity…
  6. No meowing.

Number Six came up today, actually… -weeps-

Team says to me “Pete what did we tell you! Don’t interrupt smart people when they are discussing important things. Now go back into your cage.”

our strange rule is if at first you dont succeed use a bigger hammer

  1. No randomly showing up at Mentors Houses, raiding the fridge and getting out of there before they can say anything.
  2. No taking residence up at Mentors Houses for a week without their approval.
  3. Don’t taste everything metal. Especially if its moving.
  4. Don’t get mentors drunk at regionals.
  5. Don’t animate characters on 3ds max doing inappropriate things.
  6. Stop playing the “I’ve Got Big Balls” on the stereo.
  7. No more driving through mentors yards with your car.

ya about dirty things on 3d max our web guy kyle (dungeon master) holmquist really needs to learn that cause thats one of his favorite past times