Strap/webbing for climbing

Hey all,
I’m currently designing a hook for climbing, and I’ve developed analysis paralysis on McMasterCarr trying to decide on strap/webbing. Yes, our climber is still in the design phase, please don’t say we need to move on (I’ve seen it on other forums), I’ve been too focused on our turret to CAD this, I’m doing my best here.

Anyways, I’m not even sure where to start? We’re water jetting our hook and maybe ratcheting the climber. Any sort of help would be amazing, thank you (webbing vs strap, buckle vs sew on, etc)!

Edit: I think I’m going to use this and sew on -

If you’re looking for straps any winch or tow strap could work. Most are probably overkill for lifting the robot but they have the added bonus of having a mounting loop or hook. I would suggest looking into high strength ropes such as spectra or dyneema. Although you’re going to have to figure out some way to tie them or hold them in place, they are going to be a lot more compact and lighter.

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Don’t overthink it? Strap from a ratcheting winch or tie down straps should be pre-stitched to include a loop and plenty strong to lift a robot. Pick one up for a couple bucks at a local hardware store and try it out. I’m a fan of a using ratcheting wrench secured to the bot to prevent back-driving. Most critical, give your drivers time to work with climb systems - alignment can be tricky.


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