Strategic Planning Process


This may be the wrong time of the season for this question but it’s very much top of mind for me. In our county (Wake County - Raleigh area of NC), there are 16 FRC teams, with another 12 teams in adjoining counties). Some are school-based, but most are open to non-school members. The teams have different cultures, goals & core values but it isn’t very clear to new members which team they should join. I’d like our team to do some strategic planning/definition of mission/vision/goals this year so expectations are clear and agreed upon - with both current members and new members.

Does anyone do strategic planning with their team (not just a small group working on a business plan, but the whole team) including long term mentors? Do you have a process you recommend? What time of the year do you do it? What are some tips to make it go well and be an effective use of time?


We are currently doing strategic planning on the Board of Directors of Oshkosh FIRST organization. Its been a LONG process and we’ve even brought in a facilitator to help.


Who is on your Board of Directors? Is this for an FRC team? Or a larger entity?


The board consists of mentors, parents, community members, and soon sponsors. Wave Robotics is an FRC team under the Oshkosh FIRST umbrella. So the board operates for the umbrella organization which focuses on competitive STEM programs in the Oshkosh area.