Strategy For an Arm bot

What would your strategy be if you had an arm bot?
How would you try to score?
Would you try to score huge rows and play offense or would you try to play defense? Would you focus on spoiling other teams’ rows or would you try to make big ones yourself?
Obviously the ideal arm bot would be able to do both but what is more important to you?

Sorry there is a problem with the poll. The first choice should say Offense (Scoring on the Rack)

Keep scores low, don’t allow big rows for the other alliance, take spoilers out of the equation, win the game with the 60 points for a ramp.

combination of both. why? because you can go for the big rows, but keep in mind the other alliance will be trying to spoil your rows, and might actually pull it off, and you should also try to spoil their rows if they are getting too long.

Only problem here is if you need the tie breaker at the end of the seeding rounds, low scores mean low ranking points.

It will depend who you are against, if the other team can out score you 3 on 3 then you need to play defense, if your alliance has the better offensive bots then you just go for the points.

If you do need some one to play defense it should only be your arm bot if you are the lowest scoring bot on your team and/or you have the strongest drive train.