Strategy notes from the Quincy event

Posted by Rob Zeuge at 2/16/2001 11:13 PM EST

Coach on team #121, Rhode Warrior, from University of Rhode Island and Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

The most interesting thing I found from the meet (aside from the amazing machines) was the difficulty in forming a working strategy with 20 team members. I think it would be very valuable for all teams who read this to designate 1 person from their allotment of drivers/coaches who will converse in a small group with the others to form a strategy. It will be much easier for four people to form a concise strategy than for 20 excited enthusiasts…

Another thing that strikes me is how difficult it is to get anything done in under a minute, I feel that the 2X multiplier will be very commonplace.

Scoring was very interesting. The number of rounds which were under 120 points was staggering (120 points is all robots race into the end zone and hit their stop buttons in under 30 sec).

The event was wonderful, and the experience was extremely valuable in evaluating this year’s game.

Robert Zeuge
[email protected]

Posted by EddieMcD at 2/17/2001 12:49 AM EST

Student on team #121, Islanders, from Middletown High School and NUWC.

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Posted by Rob Zeuge on 2/16/2001 11:13 PM EST:

Don’t let your coach attepmt to shoot balls. My coach (coughRobcough) blocked a few of my shots by shooting at the same time. :frowning:

Anyhow, the experience was tremendous. The machines were cool, I got a shot at the Human Player spot, and their meatballs were great. OK, back on topic. You also make friends premature to the regionals. And FIRST is about meeting people who have the interest of engineering and the like.