Strategy Thought - Relay Team

I was wondering if any teams are thinking of a relay strategy were one team carries the ball around the track, puts it over the Overpass onto another robot of your alliance, then they carry the ball around, while the first robot moves slowly forward to receive the ball and on and on…or the third robot moves into place to receive the ball.

Thoughts… Picking up the ball which is big and weighs 10 lbs is not an easy task… so if we can keep the ball off the floor???

What do you think?

It’s within the rules but catching a 10lb ball seems dangerous :ahh: plus positioning to catch the ball and doing so without impeding traffic perhaps is not viable, but what do I know, anything is possible

Our team is considering doing something similar, where a teammate puts the ball over the overpass, then we pick it up and run around the track really fast to bring it back to them so they can score again.

We thought of a similar situation, But I’m not sure if it’s legal so I wanted to ask.
Let’s say we wanted to throw the ball over the divider onto the otherwise of the track to another robot in a semi relay fashion is that legal?