what do you guys think of this?
robot is offensive, a kicking mechanism…with treads to allow it to go over the bumps?
any other things i should add to the idea???

I dont understand what you are asking. Are you asking us to design your bot/bouncing ideas of of us/ or something else?

also your title really has nothing to do with your thread and this post probably be in the “General Forum”

We were thinking that treads might not be so effective, and to instead utilize tank drive. We had used tank drive last year and its something that’s easy to build and service.

My team doesn’t like the idea of treads because we think that it will slow the bot down to much for them to actually be effective.

If you were planing to go over the bumps I would recomend threads as it will allow you to have traction along the whole of your base. However, when you turn with threads you drag over 90% of the threads. So if you plan to move fast the threads may not be a good option.

In saying that I could be completely wrong :confused:


i think this year alot of team will go with mecanum

Treads have no relation to the speed of the robot.

If your robot is offensive, ther is no need to go over the bumps.

Yeah there is in my opinion to be able to do end game if you have it and to score the ball if you dont have a long range shooter

personally i think you should exile the tread/track idea all together just for the sake of manuverability, with treads you wil have little to no turning capabilities on the carpet or whatever substance we will be driving on.

We had the same idea, we value being agile much more than being “tank-like”

yeah while you lose pushing power with manuverability you can easily get away from a defensive bot thats not manuverable

Don’t be too sure about that :wink:

treads may not be that great on handling and speed…unless your team is willing to give that up for going over bumps…

my team is basing our new drive train on our 2006 robot, The Commander, which went over bumps like it was flat!

Don’t be so sure about that. I’ve seen some well designed treaded robots that can turn very well. You do have to design it right…and that generally means lots of rollers to support the tread, and having the height of each roller just right. Well done, tread type robots are very intimidating.

I have to say, treads, as much as our team has never tried them, seem to be a really good aspect. One of the members on my team brought up having three lines of tread, having four separate parts like they are tires and even a snowmobile idea with treads in back with wheels on front.

But looking at it, and how our team has come across being the strong defensive team we are, 6 wheel drive is our way of thinking. Having all 6 wheels powered off of two center wheel drive motors. We had a 2 wheel drive on aim high and it went smoothly up the 30 degree ramp of 2FT. We figure, why not do that and add a two speed transmission to the mix to get that extra help.

Our team did some prototyping and found that if the robot was under 18" high it seemed to be fine on the bumps, without tipping. This is also useful because it happens to be the height of the tunnel, so it leaves that option open. The chassis we were using had 6 wheels, a little smaller than the required ones for Lunacy.

You could possibly put a dome on top of the robot so you would not get penalized for holding the ball.

or you put memory foam on top of the robot and angle it to the front of the robot so the soccer ball falls infront of you…

I think a good robot is able to do all aspects of the game, with that said I have seen a few very simple bots make it with a very specialized design.