Streaks on powercell from fairlane wheels

We are using 4" OD Fairlane wheels from McMaster (2476K37) , and have found that when we shoot the power cells, the wheels leave a black streak on their surface. Is this allowed? Or do we need to find a solution? Has anyone who is using these wheels had this problem?

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I don’t think that would be an issue, as power cells are expected to undergo normal wear and tear. FIRST probably expected some wheels to leave marks on the cells and designed the rules around that.

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See the blue box under G26:

POWER CELLS are expected to undergo a reasonable amount of wear and tear as they are handled by ROBOTS, such as scratching or marking. Gouging, tearing off pieces, or routinely marking POWER CELLS are violations of this rule.

The field staff is going to be the ones to determine if your robot falls into the first bolder section or the second.

That is the rule we needed, and we are probably going to have to fix this problem because of the “routinely marking” clause. Thanks for the help!

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