Stream Video from RoboRIO to Vision Processing Software


I am trying to get video from the roboRIO from a USB webcam into RoboRealm. The stream of the camera works fine in the Smart Dashboard, just when using the CameraClient module in RoboRealm, I get a black screen. It connects fine, but frames of video are streamed over. So, I think the issue may be in the Java code. Right now, the code is very simple and just in the constructor of a subsystem in its own robot to isolate any problems. But when looking at the documentation of the cameras, the startAutomaticCapture() method said it should only be used for streaming to the dashboard. So, how else should I write code to create a camera that would be used just for streaming to RoboRealm? Thanks in advance for any help.

Current Code:

public class Vision extends Subsystem {
    // Put methods for controlling this subsystem
    // here. Call these from Commands.
	CameraServer server;
	USBCamera camera;
	Image image;
	public Vision() {
		server = CameraServer.getInstance();
    public void initDefaultCommand() {
        // Set the default command for a subsystem here.
        //setDefaultCommand(new MySpecialCommand());

You may want to try downloading the latest version of RoboRealm as there was an issue with the jpeg format being sent from the CameraServer code on the RoboRio. This was causing a Huffman table error to popup in RoboRealm when trying to decode the image. This has been fixed just in the last week.