Streamlined Regionals

Maybe I missed this. . .

Of course, FIRST announced that there would be streamlined regionals due to monetary concerns on the regional level. Did they ever go so far as to announce which regionals will be affected?

I was hoping that they’d have announced this before registration closed, as it may affect a team’s regional choice. But, obviously, they didn’t.

Now, my team is trying to plan our meals in advance while working without our hotels. We’d like to know if meals will be available, provided, or both at different sites.

Specifically, we’re concerned about San Jose and Annapolis.

Did I miss the announcement?

I thought there was some kind of indication on the list somewhere… I forget what exactly, but I remember some sort of indication… hmmmmmm

according to this letter they had planned on marking them (i knew i wasnt going crazy). I was unable to find any kind of marking, however, on the event list… unless I was looking in the wrong place.

there was more conversation on this subject here, but I’m too lazy to go through 3 pages of info to figure out if more came of it… sorry : :slight_smile: