Strength of your High Goal

I am just curious as to the amount of power teams are giving their high goal. Even though we don’t plan to shoot like this our shooter was running at 18k RPM yesterday with an accurate 25-foot long shot.

Here is a link to a video of Team 5980’s shooter: video
I would love to see yours.

This is kind of off topic but have you tried a constant feed? How does that affect your consistency/RPM?

Well, we didn’t go 25 feet. That’s just a bit further than you need, per G23 and page 4 of the field assembly drawings. We ran a test of our shooter on Saturday that can be seen here:

That’s a CIM powering 4" compliant wheels at a 1:1 ratio, no where near full speed. You can see the robot next to it that was driving the shooter… our first trial we just plugged the motor into a battery through a modified drill handle (that lets us go forward and reverse, start and stop), and we actually hit the ductwork along the ceiling of our shop (approx. 18 ft high), so I have no idea how high it would actually go.

Obviously, there’s still a bunch of fine tuning that needs to happen - mounting it to the robot to get the correct release height, figuring out the optimal release angle, optimal wheel speed for the distance shot we want to make, getting encoders on there to regulate the shooter speed, etc. But it was an exciting test!

I strongly recommend seeing what happens with your shooter when you feed balls in as quickly as possible. Our test sent balls through at about 5/sec, hopefully we can do better than that with an active feeder.

We were shooting most of the way to the ceiling in the airplane hanger we build out of using a 4 inch wheel and a minicim.

You don’t need power to get the ball into the goal. You need power to increase your rate of fire.

228 is aiming for volume over accuracy and is starting with a 3x 775Pro shooter. We can go up to 4, but that would be ridiculous - much more likely that we’ll go down to 2 if the power consumption is too much.

When we tried a constant shooter it slowed down the wheel quite a bit and caused the fuel not to go as far.

Yup, and THAT is the problem teams need to solve, not distance. Getting a shooter that can reliably hit the same point with every shot while feeding balls rapidly is difficult!

We are stuck at the cursed 400ms response time to our fpid. That is for flowing balls at about 2 per second. Our best is 50 to 80 % efficiency balls in. Shooter needs optimization but this is a hard one. Would not be surprised if most teams put popcorn machines on the field. I’m waiting for some one to post a perfect stream of balls going in under real field conditions. I am prepared to wait the whole season.

We think that we can shoot even faster than this.

That’s a good place to start I’d say, hahaa

That’s a good start.

90% shot: