Stress Testing Appendage

Our first version of our new appendage had to be tested, so why not hit it as hard as we can against an anvil, a brick wall, and concrete?

I think you can imagine what you see coming

Some close-ups of the damage can be found here.

Rest assured version 2 will be ready for IRI.

That is one solid piece…though since FIRST seems to have built the barrier out of an alloy of unobtainium, adamantium, and vibranium, it may not be quite enough. :rolleyes:

What seems to have prompted the stress testing?

A bored programmer who finds out that the design had to be reworked.

Does anyone have any ideas for some new “stress tests.” We wouldn’t want it to fall apart on us…

You could do some high story impact testing…

Flip it around and bash the other end. (Insert Monty python joke about beating til the white meat shows here)

i would say have it attached to your robot then get something and ram it from the sides with something and see what happens

i’m in fan of the five ton arbor press for mmy stress testing:D

run it over with a car? use it as a crude pogo stick?