Strobe Lights on Einstein?

Does anyone know if first plans to have strobe lights on Einstein this year?
The quiet room is closed at that point. I would like to figure out an alternative location ahead or figure out if I need to bring sunglasses or something.

Just linking this in as it contains history and some technical info on lights used last year

Sadly, it looks like it.

Unfortunately I dont believe FIRST ever acknowledged the strobe light issue from last year, and I doubt they’ll be addressing it at this time given Worlds starts today…

Perhaps you can try asking around with some volunteers over the next few days?

Lighting guy here. The wash/strobes are back, and once again they are GLP JDC1’s. Luckily they are the most configurable wash and strobe lights one can rent. If they do become an issue for your field again, FIRST probably isn’t the best place to voice your concerns. I would go to the Lighting Director (LD) of your field.

Just kindly ask if maybe they could turn the intensity down, or just cut the strobes out entirely. Simple as that. When I was in lighting I was never one to ignore a lighting request unless it is something I cannot control or the person was hostile towards me. So just please be respectful if you approach the LD. They are just doing their job and typically the higher ups that contract us out don’t know any better to tell us what to do and what not to do.

I am not sure what console they are running but usually it’s either blue or has a big “MA” logo printed on the back of the screen. Usually sits right next to the sound person.


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