Strongest Regionals/District 2016?

No district champs in this

I would say Waterloo. 148, 610, 1114, and 2056 among other good teams.

Per Ed Law Database
Last year the 3 highest scoring average qualification points were Waterloo, NE Hartford, MI West Michigan.
Expect these to be strong again.

I agree with Waterloo.

Here are some other regionals I think are stacked:

Los Angeles Regional- 330, 399, 696, 987, 3476

Central Valley Regional -254, 701, 973, 1671, 1678

Greater Toronto East Regional - 610, 1114, 1241, 1310, 1325, 2056

Alamo Regional- 148, 624, 1477, 2468

Iowa Regional- 525, 967, 1730, 2175, 2502, 3130, 3284

Minnesota North Star Regional- 967, 2169, 2175, 2826, 3130

Michigan, as I see it… I don’t have the time to worry about anywhere else… :slight_smile:

I have a powerlist based on where a team has ranked in previous years, with diminishing contributions as the ranking ages…

Killer Bees, is my number 1 power rank team in the state, and so far they only have one district selected, so where ever they go for number two will be impacted…

Based on this calculated power rank…

Waterford Week 1 is Michigan’s most competitive district, just slightly lower in competitiveness than last years 100 team state finals.

Howell is number two.
St. Joseph is third.
Livonia is forth.
Southfield is fifth, also week 1.

Michigan still needs to add two districts… so there will be some shifting, as things are not set in stone.

But based on today’s registration, that is how I see it…

YMMV, power rank is not a science…

I think the toughest/strongest events are those that are deep enough where the 6-8 alliances can put three strongs teams together that can at least be competitive with the top alliances.

When looking at this factor, Waterloo was one of the weakest events last year with 5 elimination scores below 50, the most out of all 19 events during week 4 last year.

my top 5 districts for Michigan are the following for 2016
west Michigan

this is just by team list and/or last year

Well, the events are LSSU Sault Ste. Marie and Ann Arbor Skyline. LSSU will get a number of northern teams and whoever is willing to travel.

is that official

Does this count? Also, main and alternate contacts got emails about them if we wanted to switch events (at least those close to them).

yes it dose and i wish they add some districts in earlier weeks

Don’t forget 3309, 294, 4201, and 3512!

Just because no one has said anything about New England yet…
Pine tree looks like it has a lot of competition:

All of those teams have either won or been finalists at an official event in recent years.

Thanks, you know more than me since you are more familiar with the local powerhouses.

Thanks for bringing up NE!
You forgot team 133…
Finalists and winners in recent years.
[/shameless plug]

My bad. Didn’t do enough research on the rest of the teams.

For the PNW, Auburn Mountainview has been a competitive event in its existence, but Philomath this year seems to be the strongest for 2016.

Usual Contenders:
CV Robotics [955]
Wildcats [1510]
Spartan Robotics [997]
Hotwire [2990]
Skynet [2550]

Joining this year: (This is where it gets really scary)
Shockwave [4488]
Skunkworks [1983]
IRS [1318]
Bear Metal [2046]
Lion Robotics [2907]

And still only 28 spots filled :ahh:

I would agree regarding Philomath in the PNW. This is going to be interesting. I would expect a lot of people will be watching this event as a pre-cursor to District Championships :yikes:

GTR-E has to be one of the, if not the most competitive regional this year.

You have THREE Einstein teams from just last year in 1114, 2056, and 1325.

There are three World Champions from past years in 610, 1114, and 1241.

You’ve got the teams on the alliance that upset the Sim/Dave alliance in 2014, teams 1285, 2198, and 4476, eliminating them in the Semi-Finals.

1310 is a local powerhouse that gets invited to IRI year after year. Not to mention 2056 who are yet to loose a regional.

This will be a really great regional to watch, and take part in, with an elevated level of play.

I know it’s a new Regional, but Rocket City in Huntsville, AL looks pretty strong.
These are the registered teams who have either won or been runner up at an event within the last 3 years:

16, 79, 118, 343, 364, 456, 624, 801, 1251, 1539, 1706, 1902, 2783, 3490, 3959, 4188,