Stronghold is really...

When we saw the Stronghold game reveal, and even more and as we worked through the rules and technical details, I knew that Stronghold mirrored a game I had already encountered. I even suspected that it was something I had read rather than played, and tried to compare it to the game in the Adept series, but that wasn’t it. It was only this evening as I read a post in an April Fool’s thread that I got it, which is particularly embarrassing as I finally read the last book in the appropriate series DURING BUILD SEASON.

[spoiler]Stronghold is the Hunger Games - it’s billed as alliance versus alliance, but the **real **enemy is the field (and, by extension, the GDC). CMP is the quarter quell - a perfect opportunity to break the game, not play it![/spoiler]

Ahh… so the quarter quell is where the 10th defense comes in…

Ha very interesting. GDC members are the Game Makers. Who is President Snow? Not Dean Kamen I hope!

Edit: Do team members get to send gifts to their tributes?

More likely the sponsors!

So who’s accepting an alliance offer in the obvious fashion then?

Honestly I saw Stronghold as a app for your phone l, like clash of clans. Good thing there aren’t any microtransactions. Except the fees. Wait, it is just a game from the App Store.

Obviously Frank Merrick. Or would he be that head game-maker guy whose name I can never remember?

Ha yes. Frank Merrick would undoubtedly be Seneca Crane.

Stronghold is a tower defense/offense game. Supercell just released Clash Royale. Coincidence? I think not!