StrongHold Logo

Is the official stronghold logo available ?

I’m looking for a single color stronghold logo for t-shirts.

You could probably pull a screenshot from the video. Have you tried that?

Anyone have a version of the logo with a white background ?

I like the mouse cursor… is that a game hint??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I’m not at all certain that that four-color logo is official FIRST. It does not seem to show up on firstinspires, just firstoregon and a few teams. That said, if you want to create a truly monochrome logo, I’d suggest editing that logo with, paintshop, photoshop, or other application that smartly does “flood fill” into areas of blended color deriving from flattened layers with alpha channels. Make sure that the outer three bands of the flag contrast with the background, and perhaps draw some short segments to visually close off the other two bands.

For our team season shirt, we did four colors on the front and five (?) on the back, but did not attempt the Stronghold logo. For all there was to say against Recycle Rush, at least it had logos that could be printed with just a few colors.

Kelly Green shirt, as always for 3946
Colors: Black, silver, orange and white on the front
White, yellow, red, blue, and black on the back. (missing only purple to have all of the heraldic colors and metals!)

I received this message from FIRST Marketing:

Dan, Thank you for your email. The FIRST STRONGHOLD℠ logo assets will not be available until FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff, January 9, as in previous seasons.

So, if you can wait until tomorrow, you can get the vector images on the FIRST website, which will give you the best results for printing on t-shirts.

Good luck

Just what you were looking for:

Does anyone know where we can get the logo in high resolution?

Usually FIRST posts a high rez TIF, PNG and/or PostScript version of their game logo, but I can’t find it this year.

I saved a high resolution FIRST Stronghold logo here.

And here is a single-color reversed version, like you would use on a dark t-shirt. There are at least 3 shades of white/gray. I assume the screen printers will create halftones from the art.

This seems like a violation of the FIRST logo standards:

They seem to always use one color versions… did you get this from FIRST?

The official ones don’t show it:

FIRST posts one-color logos for the various robotics programs (FLL, FTC, FRC). These are great for t-shirt silk-screening, if a team can’t afford multicolor graphics. I couldn’t find a one-color logo for the FIRST Stronghold game, so I modified the color version.

I read the FIRST logo standard, but it doesn’t mention the game logos. I hope it’s okay.

UPDATE: Yesterday FIRST posted “official” high resolution FIRST Stronghold logos, in EPS format: