Stronghold Scouting

With how defenses(the game elements) are playing a big part in this game, my team brought up how our scouts are going to have to keep track of which defenses opponent robots cannot cross or work with.

Anything else that seems important this year for pit/match scouting?

Definitely agree with you on defenses. Knowing how each team does with each defense will be just as important as how/if they score on the tower and whether or not they can climb.

If you’re scouting teams that you are playing against, one of the most important things would indeed be the defenses they can or cannot cross. Putting defenses in obtrusive annoying positions to slow them down would be optimal. If you’re planning on fielding a robot for defense, you should know if the other alliance has a star shooter, and focusing defense on that robot. If you’re planning on shooting, take note of any defensive bots, and their mechanisms to disturb your shots.

If you’re scouting teams that would work well in an alliance with you, many more factors become important. You should look for teams that can do the things that you cannot do, and ones that can do it well and efficiently. Look for teams that can cross obstacles that you cannot. If you’re a high shooter, maybe look for a solid defense bot, and vice versa.

I was thinking about this when I was considering how teams are going to ask questions in the pit because you will want to ask them which barriers they prefer to cross…

I started to think about how important practice matches are for this game. First, alliances select the barriers they will cross so the practice is more effective, this is real-field practice on pieces you may or may not have trained with. Second, teams can scout what selections alliances make and how well it fairs before qualifications even start.

Scouting in this game is interesting because in this game, more than ever I think, you are admitting your weaknesses to your opponent if you tell them which barriers you prefer to cross and which ones you are unable or have never tried.