Structured Learning for FIRST

In our time leading up to kickoff, our team would like to create weekly homework assignments designed to help the students understand some of the core concepts they’re going to need once January gets here. Work will be both individual and in groups. As a mentor I don’t have access to any formal curriculum that the schools might already have, but am interested in what may already be available to them. Topics may include:

Using 3D design tools, basic and advanced drivetrains, pneumatics, electrical systems, manipulators, motors, power transmission, control systems, learning who the suppliers are, benchmarking other teams, etc.

A) Would anyone on CD be willing to share homework sets, example problems, a sample curriculum, etc, that they have given out as formal training in the past?

B) Any feedback from those that have done formal training and homework assignments in the past?

I’ve actually just put together a set of classes that we’re going through now for the Electrical subteam.

I’m covering:

  • Basic electrical circuit concepts
  • Sensors
  • Wires and connectors
  • FRC Control System
  • Pneumatics
  • Digital electronics
  • Other concepts (PWM, ADC)
  • Building circuits with a set of labs using Arduino

Is it effective? Not sure yet - it’s a new set of classes. :slight_smile: Maybe the students can chime in here.

But, we’re covering basic fundamental theory, FRC specific elements, and getting hands on - both with FRC parts, tools, and circuit building.

There is a homework sheet (1-2 pages, simple questions) to go with each class.

If you want more details, feel free to send me a PM.

Sounds like you need somebody with access to the Project Lead the Way “Pathway To Engineering” curriculum.

It’s little out of date now, but this is what 931 developed.