Stuck Basketballs

I’ve checked over the Arena portion of the rules. It seems as if basketballs could get stuck under the bridge. If they do, we will be unable to remove them, it seems, since the appendages are limited to 14’’, and there’s 41’’ of bridge on either side of the bump. I may be misreading things, but if I’m not…

Will this happen?
Will we still be able to “balance” on that bridge?
What can we do if this happens?
Will this affect us?
What will the field guys do about this?

Do we need the GDC here?

If I am misreading, sorry for the waste of time. If not, please help me puzzle out this seeming conundrum.

Check out this youtube video. There is a part of the bridge that has been added, so that doesn’t happen.

I believe there are mini polycarbonite ramps underneath the brdige to stop the balls from being stuck under it.

Thank you, I get it now. Didn’t see the ramps in the copy of the Arena rules I downloaded, so I worried. I appreciate the C.D. guys’ (and girls’ [No sexism in F.I.R.S.T.!]) help.

Balls can, and will, get trapped under the bridge. The only way to clear them is to tilt the bridge. If you can only push the bridge down, then you must clear the ball from the other side of the bridge.

I forsee teams that can only traverse the barrier using the bridge getting trapped and be unable to balance at endgame.


There was also mention of other places in the field (baskets) and not being able (allowed) to clear them. I’m afraid that I don’t remember the reference.