Stuck Weidmuller on pdp?

So the can ports on my pdp are stuck in the down position so they no longer hold wires properly. Is there any trick to getting them unstuck? I emailed ctr and they’ll repair them, but at a cost. Not opposed to it if I have to go down that route, but if there’s a way I can fix it myself… Thanks!

What I’ve seen happen is someone pushes too hard and the button gets stuck under the lip of the housing. Sometimes pushing them lightly with a small screwdriver and wiggling them can get them unstuck. You don’t want to push too hard, you could just make things worse!

To prevent this, we always just use fingers to push the buttons, and we train the students to only push the buttons to release the wires - if the wire is stiff enough (and most of what we use is), then it can just be pushed into the opening without depressing the button first.

Try what John suggested first.

I replaced the same type of connectors on a PCM where the buttons had been pressed too hard and remained stuck down. I had to use the professional-type de-soldering tools (with vacuum pump) at work to get the damaged connector off the board. Unless you have access to such equipment and someone who knows how to use it properly, send it to CTRE to be repaired. De-soldering improperly can easily damage the circuit board in ways that are not visible and can cause intermittent failures later.