Student Coaches

I was wondering how many teams have student coaches versus mentor coaches. Our team has a student coach(me). What do the rest of you do?

Mentor Coach :smiley:

Team 1305 has a student coach.

Student Coach. First year we had a mentor, it was good in the way that atleast one other person besides a student actually knows what its like to be down there so he understands when things don’t go as planned and doesn’t get jumpy and ask “why didn’t you do this” about everything we do while on the field. I think a student coach is a good idea becuase usually students are more comfotable working with their peers as oppsed to adults when under stress/pressure.

1023 also does not have mentor involvement in alliance meetings before a match. 90% of the time, we go out, seek our alliance members dirver(s), HP, and coach, then have a meeting with them about strategy and what not. The 10% is when they get to us first, aka we’re doing a minor repair or what not. :slight_smile:

We have a student coach (The one, the only, Steph) She does just about everything and is Team Captain with me!

We have always had a student coach.

We have a student coach (me :)). Because, on 573 as well as other teams, the coach does a majority of the strategizing, we made the decision based on the fact that the mentors wanted to give the high schoolers a chance to communicate with the other teams and, as a result, learn the negotiation aspects of FIRST.

Although I started training to be a coach when I was still a student in HS, I am our mentor coach…always wanted to do it and im glad i finally have an opportunity to…

Its hard to compete for a coaching spot when your coach in HS was Andy Baker :stuck_out_tongue: 2003 was a nice compromise with the human player technically as a 2nd coach…

Our student coach Britany at our pre-season bowling party. She was great at FLR!

We had a student coach last year, who is the coach this year also but not a student. Student or Mentor we always have fun! :slight_smile:

We currently have a student coach(me), but we have had in the past adult mentors coach. I honestly find I work better with other coaches who are students rather then mentors, because it is easier to talk to them then a mentor who could be intimidating etc. Also to me a student coach would be better from the stand point of the drivers, as they are also in the same peer group and allow for an easier time talking over strategies, and what kind of improvements can be made, on either my end or theirs. I have come across a few coaches who were mentors, that would just flat out not listen to a thing I have suggested, most likely because I am a student, and to me students just listen better to each other and accept each others plans and ideas better. Although we do have a drive team mentor who is a college member of the team(Ogre), and he does do strategy with us before matches etc, so we still do have an adult working with us. I just find that this is what works best with my team, and every team structure is different, so what is good for one might not work for others.

Last year, we used both. This year, the coach button was passed between the mentor (Orr) and the tor-mentor (yours truly).

1403 will always have a student coach.

GO 1403!!!

Team 116 I believe has always had a student coach. This is a try-out position every year. This year we took a vote to ask if we wanted to have mentors be able to try out and have a chance but the vote came back very strong for keeping it a student-only position.

Our first year we had a mentor coach. Last year I was a student coach, and we had a student coach again this year.

Team 647 has had two students coaches for the past year (only one driver).
We have found that the students study the competition more then a lot of the mentors, interact with the other drive teams better then the mentors and also dance, which is a requirement to be on our drive team :smiley: .

I’m a mentor-alumni coach. It works out nicely, because I was the lead scout as a student, and the current lead scout was my apprentice, and still is one of my best friends, so we communicate rather well.

Team 358, in previous years had mentor coaches, alternating between several mentors…
This year we have one student coach… and he is doing a great job of coaching!

Our team has a very green student coach again this year. It is a very strong tradition on 931 that all of our drive team members must maintain an extremely green appearance. Although some teachers and mentors have been mildly green, our green-ness pales in comparison to that of our students, who are among the greenest anywhere. :smiley:

We have a mentor coach. For us I think thats better, so there are no hard feelings between students. We all love our mentor coach anyway, and he acts like a student anyway, so its all good