Student Consent Forms

M.A.R.S. is a multi-school team and hence we do not have a school based standard consent form. I am looking for a generic ‘hold-harmless’ form that students and parents sign which makes everyone aware of the dangers involved in participating on a FIRST team. We already have a student conduct form in place but this is to specifically address risk of injury and accidents both at our shop and on the road ::ouch:: .

Does anyone have such a form, or close approximation, available that you would be willing to share?


Are you looking for a consent form or a waiver? You should probably get both incase someone does get hurt.


As much of a hassle as it might be, I would reccomend getting the form from each school that students come from if they have one. I don’t think Shores has a standard waiver, but we do have a travel waiver that we use that I can get you.

I know that school insurance can be tricky unless you make use of their paperwork. This would be a hassle right now, but could save potential headaches later.

Brad and I have a form for our team like what you are looking for, but I was told to stop using it as it held no legal bearing whatsoever. But if you want it, I’ll send it your way tomorrow.