Student Denied Permission to FRC by Board of "Education"

The board has not responded yet.

3719 mentor here! They’d be more than welcome to join us if things don’t work out with Ledyard.


Hi all! I am Malloch’s mom. (Malloch is the student denied by the BOE). Thank you so much for those who signed the petition, and offered ideas and thoughts. We are still trying to convince the board. It has been very difficult but we are not giving up. Our petition has received 446 total responses (329 from Ledyard residents). Though I have been focusing on local residents, support from the FIRST community is also important. Please sign the petition and share the petition in the FIRST community. Here is the direct link to the petition.

The current status is the board has established an Ad Hoc Committee to investigate the topic further. Here are a few news articles.


Thanks very much for the message. I would like to learn how your school and your team manage the enrollment. Would you please email me at I don’t know how to contact you otherwise. I haven’t figured out how to PM here, and I can only post limited replies here as a new user. Also, it would be helpful if you could send a direct email to
to let them know how your school does it. It would be more impactful if they hear from you directly.

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To all who support our advocacy to have the policy changed, thank you so much for signing our petition. I just thought of this, if you could send a direct email to, it might help more.

I feel it would be more impactful if they hear directly from people with FIRST experience. I have attended every board meetings since November, 9 meetings total, joined by students, parents, mentors and Ledyard residents who support us. We are trying everything we can, but it still does not look very promising.

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