Student Employment with FIRST Updates Now

Hey all, first post on Chief Delphi so hopefully I’m doing this right. I could’ve emailed FUN instead, but that’s boring, so here I am.

I’ve been meaning to look into working with FIRST Updates Now for a while, and I was reminded today on the FiM Discord so I asked around about it.

From what I understand, the extent of the job (at least, the on-air position I’m familiar with) is mostly pre-recorded videos, livestreams for certain content, and Behind the Bumpers interviews. I do understand that I may not necessarily be able to do everything right away, and that’s saying I even get the job. Anyway, I also heard that FUN will have an application period in the fall for prospective employees.

I did some more digging on my own but found nothing on FUN’s social medias and they unfortunately don’t have a website, so I was hoping you nerds on Chief Delphi could help fill in the gaps.

Thanks everyone and robot on :comet:

Simon Z.


Please feel free to DM me or email [email protected]

Typically we open applications in fall.

I would encourage you to join FUNs discord if you are interested in being part of the FUN Crew FirstUpdatesNow