Student Government on FRC teams

Hi everyone!! Im kinda new at this whole thing of being on an online forum, but I am trying to figure something out for my team. The questions I have are: Does your team have a student leadership team?
If Yes, how do you elect members?
When your team votes on decisions for the next season, do the seniors leaving in the following season get to vote for the next year, even though they will not be on the team?
–> an example is while preparing for 2019, can students leaving after the 2018 year vote on things that will affect the 2019 students and not the seniors who will no longer be on the team?

Thanks so much!!

Student leadership is essential on our team. We have two co-captains, and a number of sub-team leads. Co-captains are selected by the mentors, based on an application, interview, and team poll results. They are announced at the end of the year banquet, which is also the outgoing captains last official act. Everyone on the team can vote in the poll, including outgoing seniors. As the seniors are likely to be in leadership positions, having their input on who they see as capable of taking their place is important.

Sub-team leads are selected in the fall. New this year, we decided they would serve for a full year, until the next selection, that way we have leads available during the summer and early fall to help plan things. The selection process is a joint the decision between the captains and the mentors. In the case of an outgoing senior or sub-team lead that is selected as captain, the mentors will appoint an interim lead at the end of year banquet.

Ours is similar to what Jon said above. The head coach selects a captain (or co-captains) and other officers after consulting with mentors and students. Generally, officers are “recognized” rather than “appointed” - that is, the naming of an officer is as much recognition of leadership and responsibility already taking place as much as it is a conferring of these qualities.

We are more flexible on timing. If officers are clear in the spring, the head coach will name them then. Usually, at least a captain is named by early September, but additional officers may be named just before or even during build season.

My team has a similar structure to the two posts above. We have 2 co-captains, 2 build leads, 2 art leads, 2 business leads, 2 programming leads, 1 safety captain, and 1 strategy captain (who usually runs as drive coach).

Anyone can volunteer for a position, although membership/experience is being debated for some of the higher positions. All members of the team, including graduating seniors, are asked to vote. All of the candidates give a 2 minute speech and students later vote (usually through an anonymous google form). Candidates are not allowed to run with each other, as that has also received criticism in the past.
Team captains have the first round of voting, and a week later the sub-teams have theirs. Voting is almost always at the end of the season (May-ish).

Our team is very similar to the ones above, we consist of a Team President who is elected by the students on the team. Under him/her, we have a Business VP and an Engineering VP, who each manage each of the business or engineering specific subteams such as marketing, awards, CAD, and fabrication. The President is elected by students, but every other position is selected through a joint effort between the old position holders and mentors.