student job and FIRST?

Well I just got a job sat. (I got a call out of nowhere from a place I submitted a resume to over 7 months ago) and now can only be at robotics 2-3 days a week. I have been on the team since we started and spent around 147 hours working last year (almost all the hours we met), and have been there all but one day this year. Have any of you had to deal with this? Did you loose any recognition or respect due to it? I don’t know I feel horrible about taking the job but I need it… I feel like I’m betraying my family :frowning:

I have a job that I go to almost right after school every schoolday, and most teacher workshop days too (it’s at an afterschool program), and for the most part I can only make the team meetings on saturday and sunday. I still manage to put in a respectable amount of hours each week (usually about 20-30 hours in a weekend) for the team, even though I wish I could be in there more.
As for losing respect, I don’t think it happened. This year I was elected as the team Student Project Director, I’m on the pit crew, AND I’m the primary driver, as well as MCing our Sponsor Night, I’m going to be speaking at the BAE Teams Unveiling on thursday, AND I’m delivering the Chairman’s Award Presentation (deeeeep breath).
I’m not going to say I didn’t want to do this stuff, but the team chose me because they thought I could handle it all…so unless they really don’t like me and they want to cause me as much stress as possible :ahh: (lol) I think they respect me, at least to a certain degree.
Don’t worry about anything, your team will be appreciative of the work you can do, and I’m sure they’ll understand that you can use the extra cash.

I myself have a job and First but i have talked to my boss at work and told them that its a once in alife time chance and they understand infact they are very supportive of it. I have had nobody on the team to loose respect for me over this. Some actually respect me for being able to hold a Job and do First.

I had a job but i had to leave it to so I could give what i wanted to my team, altho I have missed some days due to my g/f having medical problems I have tried to make it to the meetings as much as possible. I commend you people for being able to work and do FIRST at the same time, its something i could not be able to do. Also remember that FIRST is a once in a life time experience, but so is adding to your resume real work experience.

When I was in high school, my priorities (not including friends/family) went like this:

  1. FIRST
  2. School
  3. Work
  4. Orchestra

When I was a sophomore, I got my first job working at a grocery store. I was available 6 days a week, Moday-Friday 3-10 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday - except during the build season. Then, my availability dropped (significantly) to Saturday 6 am-12 pm & Sunday 1 pm-9 pm. That’s it.

When I was a junior I got a new job working at Sears. The schedule was pretty much the same, though I offered to be available from 5-10 Tuesday and Thursday, 8-1 on Saturday (before FIRST) and all day Sunday (we didn’t meet on Sundays) during the build. Again, pre- and post-build I was available pretty much anytime.

Perhaps you can work around your meeting times, and still make it to FIRST?

Thanks for the replies guys. The reason I took the job is because it is basically an apprenticeship at a computer repair company. This will mean a different life for me… FIRST was/is my life, it even kept me alive so to speak. I was having an “interesting” time in my life and one of the main reasons I held the will to live was the thought and memories of FIRST.

I think the most important thing about taking this change of commitments is that you are doing it with a respectable and mature attitude. It sounds like this was a well-thought out decision, made out of concern for both your own well-being and your team’s. You definitly earned my respect, though I don’t know you :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that FIRST is supposed to prepare you for a focused career in your subject of interst, and help you manage your time and resources effectively. You need this cash, you’re earning it. You may want to talk to your team leader just to clarify your schedule, but like Jake said, you can commit to two activities without giving up on either.

I wish you the best of luck with managing both robotics and your apprenticeship!

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With all the time you have put into robotics already, I don’t think you will loose respect. Your hearts definitly into robotics, and it will still show. When I had to get a job on weekends (when we get a lot of stuff done), i was a bit sketchy with what would happen too, but I still just try to come as much as I can. Manage your time well, and just be sure not to be expected two places at once…you obviously have the job for a reason, and it is not just some vain endeavor that you are putting time into to take away from robotics. My advice to you would be to invest in a good planner, notify your employer far in advance when you have to take off for any robotics events (let them know that it is a school event too, that helps sometimes) and enjoy the rest of build season. Good luck!

thanks guys i feel better now :} i worked 2hrs today and didnt even realise it, its fun stuff, dosent feel like work at all.