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Hello Chief Delphi!
My team is a smaller team, yet not super small. I believe that we could perform a lot better with more students that are dedicated and understanding. I see a lot of large teams daily. Can someone give me some advice on how to grow my team? We are spread across a couple schools and will preform some demos at one school, yet no one really takes interest.

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I really recommend demoing at the middle schools in your area and try to guage interest when students are younger. If you can outreach to some students in 8th grade towards the end of the school year you can recruit them and then train them in the summer. Also if there are “whats going on in (insert town name)” facebook groups for your town you can always put info there and say you are recruiting for high school robotics. If you would like to chat more about this just send me a message!

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See if you can get into the news somehow and maybe even on a periodic basis. Many school or local publications have a sports section and perhaps they’d be willing to feature your team. This helps target parents, who are in a good position to encourage their kids to try robotics.

Also summer workshops for middle schoolers are a good way to get people in the pipeline. You can do it in a camp format, or just invite people to work alongside the team over the summer. The former is likely better for a wider age range, while the latter may be best for just rising 8th or 9th graders.

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I agree with @zz2338, getting the students engaged when they are younger helps a lot, especially if you can get them to join FLL or FTC. Our team is based in our Charter High school and is working with our sister middle and elementary school which feeds into ours. Middle schoolers seem the best targets because they havent yet set their interests and busy schedules unlike Highschoolers. This year alone we were able to start 4 full FTC teams, with, if I am remembering correctly, atleast 2 that were brand new to FIRST (as in not from FLL). These students are an investment for our team’s future, giving them expierience and training that will help them become even better than us right now.

I would also recommend that when recruiting students into FRC from outside of FIRST or anything like FIRST, either do it before or after build season. While theres always an exception, we have had a couple students who became too overwhelmed with the insanity because there was no time to ease them into things and ended up not joining the team.

Third and final note, while we don’t have a big team per say, around 30 people has felt simultaneously almost too many and not enough people when we become disorganized. More people requires much greater organization. Dont grow at a pace your not able to keep up with, other teams have suffered after amazing seasons due to growing too quickly. There should be a plan in place for expansion and if the team out grows that plan faster than anticipated, the best team will adjust and reorganize and continue their mission.

This has been long! Hope it was helpful :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!!! I’ll look into this!

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