in Atlanta i got a card from a student telling me about i tried to use this and download some software but couldnt register. I am a student…but not a college student…but nonetheless a student. when i try to register the site says i need a college e-mail address-understandably-But since i am not in college i dont have a way to sign up for the site. Is there anyway i can download the software without a college email address?

The form does let you enter in a different e-mail address if your University isn’t listed (mine isn’t); but, they say “Yahoo, Hotmail, or other non-university email address requests will not be granted.”

So, the short answer, I believe, is no. If you can get yourself a summer job at a University/College (and a staff e-mail address to go along with it) that will apparently let you in, too. I’m not sure how helpful that is for you, though.

Does anyone know if you get a full copy or just a trial version when you download it from I heard both so I just wanted to clear it up.

You can download a full copy of Inventor 11 Professional with content libraries, design accelerator, inventor studio, and so on. The only restriction as far as I know is a student watermark on printouts I guess (haven’t tried it) and a one year license. There is also Inventor 10, Civil 3D, Revit, Viz, and other software available for students to download.

My friend is working for the site people (I don’t remember the name) this summer. And originally they were going to open it to all students everywhere. But AutoDesk changed the conditions, so right now only college student e-mail people can register etc. But… supposedly in September they will open it to all students like they originally intended. So, my suggestion is to check it out in September.