Stuff for a team in Colorado, Round 2

I tried to post this as an announcement, but I guess it didn’t go through. 1339 has continued to clean out our space and has decided to give away a lot of perfectly good stuff that we aren’t using anymore. Our intent is to give it to a team within driving distance in Colorado or Wyoming; we’d hate to agree to ship it to an out of state team and have you unhappy with paying for shipping on stuff that you end up not using. It’s not junk, but who knows if it’s all useful for you. Here’s a partial list of what’s in the box:

  • Colson wheels, 4"
  • Motors, including CIM, BAG, and 775 Pro
  • Gearbox parts or complete boxes, mostly for drive train. These are WCP and Vex, and are older models of the shifting and single speed boxes, for two or three CIM motors. Probably enough to piece together three robots or so
  • Hubs for AndyMark 8" pneumatic wheels
  • #35 chain sprockets
  • Earlier generation Talon motor controllers (at least a dozen)
  • Et Cetera

Let me know if you’re interested, either via PM or text, 303-803-2980.

I’ve had quite a few responses already. I’ll be prioritizing local teams that can pick up, and then it’s just a matter of good communication and coordination with out of town/state teams. Please text me to set things up! PM through Chief Delphi isn’t the quickest communication method.

Also, I’m pretty sure there are about 20 of the old Talons in the box. There have been enough people requesting those that I’ll probably split them up, giving each team four or five.

Thanks for helping us clear out our clubhouse!

Edit: trying to upload an image. Hopefully it shows up here!