Stuff to do in Columbia, SC

Ok, I’ve never been to South Carolina, and my team is going to the Palmetto Regional this year, and we’ll be staying a few days. Is there anything worth checking out in or around Columbia, SC?

Ah, finally. Something that’s my area of expertise!

Columbia doesn’t seem to have terribly much in the way of entertainment (at least that high school students can get into). The Koger Center does list the South Carolina Philharmonic at 8:00 PM on that Saturday, and the walk from the Colonial Center isn’t too bad (read: one block).

There is the traditional minigolf/go-kart/arcade place about fifteen minutes from the Colonial Center, and a bowling alley about that far away as well.

As the competition draws closer, I’ll be cooking up a guide to surviving Columbia (from someone who’s done it for waaaaaaay too long)

Thanks Bill…For those teams that are visiting SC from out of state and will be there for a few day…let us know when you are arriving in Columbia and we will try to provide information that will help. We are excited about our field this year …we think it will be one of the strongest regionals. As a member of the planning committee, I will ask that a list of things going on during that week be assembled by the committee and we will get posted. Looking forward to all teams visiting.

well thanks billfred–you’ll just make our trip even better with u’r great guide. i dunno if my team will be willing to do any of it though. i can’t wait to go back to palmetto it was fun- our team basically just hanged out at the hotel and played xbox and other games.

On that subject, I have to give props to THS. Looking at the hotel they’re using (which surprises me, as I can’t seem to place it along the road), you’ve got a pretty good location for both the venue and getting out of town (as I-126 is nearby).

Perhaps I’ll try and get together the Second Annual 433-393-1293 bowling game going Saturday night. Except minus 433 and 393, as they aren’t coming this year. Rats.

At any rate, I will apologize in advance for my guide–after reading the first three pages or so, it’s liberally seasoned with bad in-jokes about USC. You have been warned.