Stupid Flex Modifier *Kicks it*

Hey i’ve got a robot that has two antenna. I’ve applied a vertex selection modifier right below a flex modifier to make the attena wobble whenever the the head moves. It works great except that the center for the Flex stays in one place even as the Character moves. This makes the antenna flex badly in the opposite direction it normaly would. How do I get the flex center to move with the antenna?
Any help would be appriciated.
Pic below illistrates the problem.

havn’t tried flex, but try to link the center to the head. should work

Hm, thats pretty odd. I tried to replicate your problem, but I wasn’t able to. The ‘center’ should stay in position relative to its selection, which is weird. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can reparent it to anything since it isn’t an object in itself.

How do you have your robot animated? Are the parts linked by parenting, or is it a more complex rig?

Hey, check the pivot of your object, it could be the pivot is back there and thats probably whats messing it up. Umm I think you can change the pivot under the hierarchy tab! Hope this helps

I feel your pain, we’re using the biped this year, and we’ve had some… interesting problems, we already fixed it (though it was VERY time consuming) but when the head was moving into the chest when we tried to move the skull I felt the same frustration.

I just asked and sorry, no one here knows anything about the flex modifier, though usually if you mess around with the settings for long enough you’ll find what your looking for.

Ok yah thanx that was it. It’s working now