Stuttering motor in Talon RSX

hello, we are having problems regarding the control of the motors. Before, it didn’t give an error, but suddenly the engines in the talon RSX started to stutter. We noticed that when this occurs, at the driver’s station it is possible to notice a large voltage oscillation where a continuous command should be. the strange thing is that this only happens in teleoperated, because when we tested it in autonomous mode, they flowed well. We have already tested the motors with external power, and we have changed the batteries. does anyone have any idea what it is?

Without seeing your code, it is difficult to determine what is happening. It seems that two separate pieces of code are setting the motor output or setting the demand that calculates the motor output. If you are storing your code in GitHub, can you provide a link so it can be reviewed by others here? Screen capture pictures work okay too

I made a new post more detailed about the problem

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