StuyPulse 694 Teaser

StuyPulse is dropping a fresh render of our 2019 robot!


Looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see it in action!

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I like how you covered the end of your climbing mech in the pic, yet it was front and center of your live feed this weekend for quite some time…


Haha we didn’t think anybody would’ve seen it since we had less than 10 viewers max, 5 of them being from our own team.

Its all good, the funny thing is in the live stream I didn’t see anything that looked like you could lift 2 other robots. I’m excited to see the robot in action. I really like the hatch floor intake integration really slick, we tried for along time to think of something like that but it just never came to us.

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Thanks, here’s a video of our hatch mechanism in action if you’re interested:


What happens if you intake a hatch off-center? Is there a centering device in those bottom forks?

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The nature of the roller is that the panel wouldn’t go in all the way if it wasn’t centered, so it’ll always try to center the panel as we’re intaking it.

We wanted to build the forks after the climber was done to make sure it didn’t interfere with anything. The CAD for it was only made recently and is still being worked on but rest assured that our bot will have forks.

Super excited to see how 694 does this year. Robot looks great. Good luck!

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Oh man. We’ll see each other at both regionals upstate. :wink: looking forward to seeing you!

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How do the forks work with your bumpers?

The bumper mounts aren’t in the cad yet, but we are planning to do something similar to what 1619 did with their platform last year.

Thats a really cool manipulator!


This is pretty neat. I’m looking forward to taking a closer look at it at Tech Valley.


Our lift tilts as well (with gas springs). Good to see we are not the only ones doing that.

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