StuyPulse Team 694 2020 CAD Release

StuyPulse Team 694 is releasing its robot CAD from the 2020 Infinite Recharge Season!

Our 2020 season robot is named Edwin. Edwin was fortunate enough to be able to compete and win at the Palmetto Regional, going undefeated as the Rank 1 Alliance Captain before the season shut down due to COVID-19. During the 2021 IR@H season, Edwin competed in the skills challenge and placed 4th in the Arsenic Group.

GrabCAD Link: StuyPulse FRC 694 2020 CAD: Edwin | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD

Our technical binder: Technical Binder 2020.pdf (

Contact us at if you have any questions!


Good job with the cad. It is the most complete I have seen in a long time. If you were to design this robot again what would you improve upon?

Thank you! We did redesign this robot during IR@H, but we didn’t actually build it. We decided to replace our funneling system with a spindexer since the polycord on the funnel kept slipping off. We redesigned the chute due to the high compression and replaced the polycord with timing belts. We also redesigned our control panel mechanism. This is just some examples of our redesigns. You can find the rest here here: Technical Binder 2021.pdf ( Hope this helps!

In terms of a realistic rebuild, the big thing we’d focus on is making the robot easy to repair. Our shooter and conveyor systems were both essentially permanently attached to the frame, so if those broke we’d have a pretty bad time. We also have no way to remove our drive gearboxes since the conveyor gets in the way, so that needs to be fixed too.