StuyPulse Team 694 Teaser Part 2

StuyPulse is wishing the best of luck to all teams.
Remember, do not be afraid to break your bot, strive to break faster!

Great robot guys! also, that is some pretty funny editing haha

I really hate to be “that guy” but, there’s a serious safety concern here.

First, if those white tanks are the Clippard variety from Andymark / the KoP a couple years ago (green logo), they are and remain illegal as they pose a serious risk of catastrophic explosion under pressure, flinging shrapnel at high speeds in all directions. There are some white plastic air tanks that are not illegal (Pneuaire varieties), but I wanted to lead off with this as it’s easy to check and change.

That said, no matter what kind of plastic tank you use, you’ve placed the tanks on quite possibly the most vulnerable part of your robot to impacts and collision - you’ve mounted them to the outside of your superstructure, several of them inches from the frame perimeter. This makes the tanks vulnerable to impact from other team’s manipulators, a scale tipped in the low position, or even your own robot tipping over. This will drastically increase the likelihood of the catastrophic failure mode, even if your air tanks are legal.

Please consider at least moving the tanks so they are not on the outside leading edge of your robot to avoid those collisions. Perhaps mount them behind a sheet of material mounted between your two diagonal supports, so they can stay in the same relative spot but without as much of a risk of failure. And of course, If they are illegal seek out replacements such as the black plastic tanks available at AndyMark.