Style suggestions

Ok. It’s early in the day and I don’t know if this is the design for the site is done. Anyways, I thought I’d throw in my $0.02 :slight_smile:

I like how simple this layout is. Square. I like square :slight_smile:
What I don’t like is the placement of the “What’s going on” table (or whatever the name is) at the top of the forum list. It’s really big. IMO, it looked better at the bottom.

Anyways, that’s my only gripe :slight_smile:

I liked it when the What’s Going On tab was on the bottom too. But I miss the old logo. :frowning:

Im probably going to make that a user option.
Some like it at the top… others the bottom.

Wow. That was surprisingly easy.
Three cheers for vB3.

Settings -> Edit Options -> [very bottom]

Is it possible to add peoples team number, job, location and such in another column on the new horizontal thread format or does vb3 not allow anything else up there?

Yep. That will be added eventually.

That would be quite a bit more to cram up there, I think. I think a small cell right below the post would look nice.

Changing the user cp to settings confused me for longer then it should have.

me too. i reverted it back.

can we have the option of using that last purple skin of doom? i really liked it. I don’t really care if I can’t use some functions on it, i just like it :slight_smile:

The way they are set up now is nice so it keeps the posts smaller than they were before in the vertical pixel numbers. I know when I used to browse back in high school on our computers with thier lovely 800x600 resolution was always fun seeing only 2 posts before I had to manually scroll down since no school mice had wheels. If everything stays in that bar there now it can remain somewhat nice for the people who have to browse in low resolution.

Is it possible to combine the basic site stats and the today’s birthdays onto one row? (To me it seems like wasted space next to the stats.)

seems do-able.

so i guess no purple for the purple lovers :’( thats sad

nope sorry :frowning:

Maybe if team 47 changes their colors to purple :slight_smile: … rrrrright.