Submit your project and WIN @ Trossen Robotics!

Howdy, Chief Delphi forum members! Do you have a cool robotics project to show off? Do you want to win free stuff?

You do. I know you do. Trossen Robotics has started a monthly contest, awarding gift certificates and discounts to people who post the coolest projects in our “Project Showcase” forum.

Here’s what you could win:
1st place: $200 Trossen Robotics gift certificate
2nd place: $100 Trossen Robotics gift certificate
3rd Place: $50 Trossen Robotics gift certificate
Runners Up: 10% off your next purchase

Each month, we’ll be combing through the Project Showcase forum, rating the projects based on four criteria: Creativity, Ingenuity, Documentation, and “Wow Factor.” More detailed info can be found here:

Last month’s contest went really well, and we got to see some awesome projects. Here are August’s winners:

Here are some of my favorites:

The Officebot
It has a four wheel drive mobile base, text-to-speach and voice recognition, pan & tilt webcam, nerf missile launcher, and it can be controlled from any computer via WiFi. Sweet.

Wall Avoiding Robot
The concept is simple, but it was executed very well. Arduino-based brain, custom-made H-bridge board, custom chassis, sonar and IR distance sensors, and an Instructable showing you how it was all done.

Evil Babies
I’m not sure how to begin describing this one, which is one of the reasons I liked it so much. Just check out the video in the thread.

So, if you have an impressive project, drop by our Project Showcase forum and tell us all about it!

[edit] This was posted with admin permission. Don’t want anybody to think we’re jerks for posting a contest in the General Forum.

Would a complex and efficient FIRST bot fill the bill for an “impressive” project?

I’m guessing if it did, it would have to be one with unique features…

This sounds fun…too bad I’m mechanically incapable of doing things. lol

Absolutely! Post about it and we’ll check it out.

Keep in mind though, our contest is mainly geared toward DIY projects people make in their spare time. So, FIRST bots probably won’t win unless they have some interesting and unique features. If you feel like your team really went the extra mile, go ahead and show us!