Submitting Animation

I put the animation together in WMV, how do I get that into an ISO?

You’ll need to use a DVD authoring program that will let you burn to an ISO instead of a physical disc.

[They want an encoded video DVD, and not simply the WMV file dropped into an ISO]

If you guys need help, feel free to drop by CHS sometime! Good luck :smiley:

So I should just put it onto a DVD? I thought I was supposed to submit online… So confused!

Instead of burning to a physical DVD, you’re “burning” to an ISO disc image, then uploading that through STIMS.

So, how would I do that? Just click Burn DVD? and then go through that?

What program are you using to author the DVD? Does it have an option to create a disc image instead of a physical disc?

[A round-about way of doing this would be to burn a standard DVD and then use ImgBurn to create an ISO from that, but you should be able to do it in one step.

I’m using Windows Movie Maker.

What version? I didn’t think Windows Movie maker had DVD authoring functionality.

It can publish DVD’s, I think the 2003 version is better actually. I think I’m using newest though.

Okay, well here are two options:

  • Burn a regular DVD with Movie Maker, then “rip” an ISO with ImgBurn.
  • Use a different DVD authoring program like DVDStyler to take your WMV file and create an ISO of a video DVD

Thanks, I’ll see if I can get that to work!

So, it should be like a dvd, with selectable menu and everything?

We created ours sans-menu - it’s just a single 40 second clip, after all, there aren’t multiple chapters or content pieces to choose from. However, since the rules don’t dictate whether a menu should be present or not, I suspect it does not matter.

ok well i’m using Aimersoft DVD creator and when i burn it to iso, is it supposed to be one (iso) file?

EDIT: Nvm, i figured it out. Thank you!

EDIT 2: Now when I click on the link to submit in STIMs, i get a message saying the page is unavailable…

Just to clarify, an ISO image is just exactly the same as what is burned to a DVD but saved on your hard disk as a file. You have to create it like that, you can’t just copy the data off of the DVD. Most programs that can burn a DVD can also make an ISO file.

I hope I made this clear above :slight_smile:

We use Encore (linked project from Premiere) which allows straight-to-ISO.

Using Encore as well. It seems they wanted specifically a Region 1, so make sure you select that in the build options in encore. Boy, what a pain to find a program with that option (No way were missing out on a region code error)

Just got word from our moderator and when they went to upload it gave them the option to use a .avi file instead of an iso.

Well, I guess I wont get that hour of my life back…

If I understand it right, the leader of the team must appoint me to be a submitter on STIMS for me to access the submission page?