Submitting Business Plan for Entrepreneurship Award

How is the business plan submitted for the Entrepreneurship Award? I also see place on STIMS to submit each of the short answer questions. FIRST Inspires says that we can hand in hard copies to the judges. How does this work?

At the Michigan district events I’ve been to, the hard copy of the business plan was given to the judges when they stopped by the pit to talk to the students.

A business plan for Entrepreneurship should satisfy all the questions listed online, and should be submitted on STIMS. One good approach is to bundle those responses, plus any other information that reinforces the business plan, into a nicer-looking document to present judges in the pit.

Is anyone having trouble with STIMs tonight? (2/14/18)

Our students are trying to submit tonight and it won’t let them into the entrepreneurship award section.

We are trying to figure out if it is the school computer or FIRSTInspires.

Nevermind. The students that were not the designated submitters were trying to get in. Problem solved.

My team was trying to submit our document and in the process, the page crashed. We called FIRST and their response was “well the submission has been open for a while”. Seriously… That’s how they respond?