Subscriptions not working?

When I try to search for new posts or posts in the last 24 hrs. from my subscribed forums, it appears to have no effect. It shows new threads from all forums, not just subscribed ones. I’m using IE7, if that makes a difference.

Nope it doesn’t work on any browser yet … that never got added back in after the major upgrade. It was a pain to get in there in the first place, and I haven’t tried to tackle it yet in the new system.

It’s on my list … especially because I loved using that feature. :wink:

This is fixed, now. It ended up being about 3 lines of code (as opposed to 30-4 in the old version.) vBulletin’s new Plug-In system is really awesome.

For those that don’t know – you can subscribe to the forums you care about, and then in the ‘New Posts’ drop-down up top, click ‘Subscribed Forums’ rather than ‘All Forums’ and you can filter out a lot of threads. I use this to quickly get the ‘CD Forum Support’ threads and moderator threads handled quick before browsing the rest of the new threads. This searchs subscribed forums and their children forums (which may be new functionality compared to the old system).