Successful Team Ups By State

I decided when reflecting back on the history of FRC in my state I would like to see what Elimination pairings seem to happen and have success in your state/province. PLEASE only comment on YOUR location. (inb4 2056 and 1114)

For Florida it has to be 233 and 179. As an alliance they won 3 Florida Regionals (2005, 2009 and 2011) as well as a trip to Einstein (2007). There is also a history of eliminating each other (2007, 2008 Florida and 2012, 2013, and 2014 Orlando).

So what are some historical team ups for eliminations that have seemed to be successful?

In 2009 two Indiana teams (45 and 234) paired up in DC to win and were finalist in 3 close matches at Boilermaker.

67 and 469 in michigan


1983 and 1318 now have 3 wins together. A regional win (2009), a district win (2014) and the first ever district championship win together (2014).

254 and 971 in Northern California. Taken the Silicon Valley Regional more times than I can remember. Funny how all-star teams like playing with other all-star teams. I think there may be some sort of correlation there…

118/148 like to team up a lot

same with 1477/624

Southern California, 1717 and 330. 3 Regional Wins together.

188 and 610 have a habit of teaming up.

edit: woops, 188 not 118

Not too sure about that one.

Because we read the OP

Not a state but for MAR, 2590 has first picked 341 at multiple events over the last few years and, unsurprisingly, won them all. Most recently at MAR Champs 2014 (and from 7th seed :ahh: )

I was thinking the same thing…

1519 has had a very long road of success since 2009.

2009- GSR Chairmans
2010- GSR Winners, NCR Finalists
2011- GSR Winners
2012- GSR Finalists, NCR Winners
2013- NCR Winners, Einstein Finalists
2014- GSD Finalists, RIDE Finalists + Engineering Inspiration

As for team ups New Hampshire hasn’t had any native NH repeat alliances however team 131 has not only had their own success streak in conjunction with 1519 but they did team up this year.


2011- GSR Finalists (lost to 1519) + Engineering Inspiration
2012- GSR Winners (beat 1519)
2013- GSR Chairmans
2014- GSD Finalists (with 1519), UNH Finalists

In addition to these big awards both of these teams have taken home a decent amount of technical and non-technical awards.

359 + 368

1918 vs 2054
*caveat: I could have sworn they were together more (as in, at all), but it seems more to be a successful rivalry. So, not exactly what the thread was after…

2054 beats 1918 SF West MI

2054 beats 1918 F West MI
2054 beats 1918 SF MSC

2054 beats 1918 F West MI

1918 beats 2054 F West MI
2054 beats 1918 QF MSC

2054 beats 1918 F West MI

1918 beats 2054 QF Lansing

First, sorry for my original reply, that was pretty careless of me.

To address the question, 1625 winnovation and 2451 pwnage have a habit of winding up together at Midwest.

This year 2485 and 987 paired up at one of the Cali regionals and Vegas if I remember right. Then they won Vegas.

As for Arizona, two of the big powerhouse teams here from year-to-year are 2486 and 842. This year they paired up and kicked butt at Phoenix.

20 and 195

Though these two teams are not from the same state, they’ve had some good luck together in recent years at the CT Regional. They won together in 2012 and 2013. And plus, 20 almost always came to CT, so it’s close enough. They also teamed up this year at Champs.

Florida off-season would be 233 and 744. If I remember correctly, we’ve teamed up in '07, '08, '11, '12, '13 and won three of them. Keep in mind that there was (basically) no off-season in Florida in '10 and I believe '09 was wiped from 233’s memory :wink:

I just looked back through 2008 in Oregon. At Oregon events, 1318 and 1983 won together in both 2014 and 2009, and 360 and 3711 won 2011 and 2012 together back to back. But all 4 of those teams are from Washington. I don’t think any Oregon teams have paired together more then once, and then won as well.