Successful Teams and Swerve

I love swerve for this game, and it seems to be prolific.

Just dropping a list of teams that have swerve and historically done well (regardless of swerve use in the past), no particular order, keep it going if you want. It will be interesting to see what the likes of 254, 1477, 1986, 195, 973, 971, 1114, 111, 2056, 359, 525, 1323, 16, 1756, 2481 etc drop.

  • 1678
  • 118
  • 148
  • 5172
  • 27
  • 1684 (maybe)
  • 33
  • 125
  • 4414 (I believe)
  • 1690 (of course)
  • 2052
  • 2910
  • 2767 (Probally)
  • 1296
  • 3310

Crud. I forgot orbit… one of the reasons for this thread. sorry. updating


254 used swerve in 2019 offseason.
Edit: I was incorrect about them using swerve in 2021. However, I know they did use it on backup bots at Madtown in 2019.

that’s what is making me thing it is very possible they run it for this year…

they did?


I was thinking the 2019 non-turreted off season bot.


I was making a joke for the last 3 years that soon standard 6WD/8WD drive will not be on most high tier robots soon in favor of swerve. Especially after seeing 1323 destroy on Einstein in 2019 with it.

Looks like the year has come maybe.

111 has never run swerve in competition, and last used crab 12 years ago in 2010.


I am taking note you did NOT rule it out for this year…


254 played with swerve during the off season. I don’t think they actually used swerve during the season. Conventional drive done well is better the sloppy swerve.

It used be be you had to make and program your own swerve. It didn’t make sense for most teams. Now you can buy the modules and programing is largely done. All it costs is money.


While I’m no betting man… If I were… I’d be betting on more swerve bots than not.

Between numerous cots options, expanded SW support, usefulness in this year’s game, expanded PD support… The barrier of entry has dropped so much, it’s a hard sell to say it’s not worthwhile for a lot of folks.

My two things I’m watching:

254 was historically a vocal holdout for not putting it on a field. Will be interested to see if this year they reversed course.

Additionally, for any of the notable teams above with historically strong performance, if they choose something other than serve, I will for sure have something to learn from them.


Agreed, I also think they will gladly eat their words if there is a significant advantage they have identified / strategy they are running. At least from my perspective they are willing to swallow pride for success. (I mean that in the best possible way, just like all of us they will adapt with the times)

On the other side of things 254 is so good with turrets… they will put a turret on anything. I would not be surprised if they showed up with a turret on a turret.


How about a turret on a turret… on another turret

I’m really excited to see what teams come out with :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh for sure. I wouldn’t even call it pride. The available tech has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past two years. The game has changed, and I’m thrilled to watch folks evolve around it!

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yeah… i couldn’t think of a better word

You laugh, but if they want a 360 intake to mimic swerve flexibility while staying WCD I could totally see them make a intake that orbits the center superstructure.




Making a turreted intake for 2019 was lots of fun (except the wiring). I just wish we made the swirve one have a working turret :disappointed:

Troll troll making the account private earlier. :wink:

Ya got me.

Anyway yeah. Wires are a royal pain sometimes, that’s for sure. It surprises me how large of a space-claim is actually needed a lot of the time for it all to be clean.

A COTS turret with a FIRST-acceptable slip-ring system for unlimited rotation would be a real game changer (some years, anyway).


I want this more than I want anything else

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