Suction cup efficacy; and how to improve it.

How effective is the suction cup for you guys? For us the suction cup works fine when the tube is inflated near the max. Is there any way to make our suction cup more sucky?


If you moisten the cup, it sticks a little better.

our solution to the suction problems? We made the decision earlier today to get rid of it and make a claw.

the end of our arm has a piston on it that shoots down to apply a good amount of force to get it to stick

We prototyped with the suction cup for days, and were really impressed with its performance. However, it just didn’t fit with our grabber design, so we abondoned it. Our experience is as follows:

  • Keep the tubing length between the venturi and the suction cup to a minimum.
  • Turn down the pressure on the vaccuum loop to 26-32psi. This is the optimal pressure for the venturi (says so in the documentation.)
  • Run 1/4" tubing up to the venturi, but only 1/8" tubing downstream of it, between the venturi and the cup.
  • Keep the suction cup clean. You can wipe it with a wet rag or baby wipes when it gets dirty.

Good luck.