Suction Cup Help.

I searched the whole forum, but still am confused.

I did a quick test of the suction cup today. I hooked it up to the Festo solenoid, and then began to charge the tanks. However, all the air was leaking through the hole in the top of the little red piece on the suction cup end.

This also meant that air was passing through the solenoid, which it shouldn’t even be doing anyway.

Can someone please simply explain how to hook up the suction cup to the Festo solenoid and make this thing, well, suck, and suck remotely.


Are you talking about the PIAB one? If you are I might be able to help. There is a certain way it must be connected or it won’t “suck”… Hole 1 is the source, or in this term where air must blow in, from your compressor. On that same side on top is a “2”. That must be plugged with a stopper, mine is black. Opposite side is a 3 and a 2. The three has the red nozzle, or i call it the one way valve. Make sure it is tight . Above that is a “2” that is the side that connects to the suction device. The device works best when it is as closest to the suction cup as possible, this gives the best suction for the money. There is also a “2” on the top of the unit, which is capped off by what looks like well a cap. Did that confuse you more? sorry if it did, its late and im tired and i dont like using capitol letters anymore… imma go sleepy now…

The “leak” at then end of the red plug is supposed to be there. That is how it creates suction. It is incredibly ineffient but it works. I can’t help you on the solenoid, but check to make sure that you have the tube in the right output. From memory I’m guessing that 1 is pressure, 2 is default output, and 4 is the other. Just check the graph on teh side.

For simple bench tests, first make sure that the FESTO is not in the on position (check the blue tab on top) also, use a Rexroth-Bosch if you can, they are better for tests like that. As far as remote goes, make sure you wired it correctly and that your programming allows the air through. As stated before, check to make sure the output is in the right place (a diagram came with the cup).

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